Warning: this page is still under construction [I really need to redo this]

Welcome to my home page. I am the Postmaster, NAD, Bitnet info/tech Rep for node "qb001.bitnet". I am also the Outreach/Media Chairperson for the Queens chapter of P-FLAG.

You can send me email at the following address: (or ldnqb@qb001.bitnet if your system knows how)
or click on the icon. (you can replace the userid ldnqb with "postmaster".

You can also e-mail on my dorsai account:

Here are some information you might like:

Rules to the game of Bid Whist

Here are some links you might like:

The City University of New York
Cuny's gopher
click here for Yahoo
click here for dorsai
click here for panix
click here for p-flag Queens homepage
The Whole Internet Catalog
World Wide Yellow Pages
A Beginner's Guide to HTML

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Stonewall reference added 6/18/2006 to help with a google bomb to find my late partners (Brenda Howard) entry in wikipedia

Thats all folks!